Who are we ?

AFOCER –Agrupació Foto-Cine Cerdanyola-Ripollet– is a cultural association founded in 1969 in Cerdanyola del Vallès, dedicated to the teaching, conservation, promotion and dissemination of photography, in all its aspects.

Currently, AFOCER regularly organizes various exhibitions and competitions in different fields and categories. Among the most outstanding are the APhotoreporter Biennial, the Santiago Piñol – Autumn Festival of the Tiana-Pont Vell neighborhood, the Sant Iscle Gathering (43 editions), the Pere Viltró and this year, the 1st A Video Reporter Festival, of documentaries with reportage themes. In addition, monthly social competitions are held, both in digital and paper format. There are also Instagram contests dedicated to the popular festivities that take place in both Cerdanyola and Ripollet: Roser de Maig, Sant Antoni Abad and Carnestoltes.

AFOCER is an entity that is deeply rooted in both Cerdanyola and Ripollet and regularly collaborates with other cultural entities in these towns, as well as participates in all popular festivals in both municipalities as part of the festival committees and cultural: May Roser Festival, Autumn Festival, Ripollet and Cerdanyola Festival, Carnival, …

50 years
200 members
50 activit.
30 exhib.